Library Services & Technology Act

This project is supported by the Institute of Museums and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Indiana State Library. 

In 2002 we received a $5,600 grant to hire an intern (Ashley Howdeshell) to convert the data provide by the Tombaugh's to PDF (adobe) & HTML files. 

Ashley spent the last 13 weeks converting the majority of the files and will return over winter break to complete the conversion process.

The conversion process is quite an ordeal. We receive the files in Microsoft Word for Macintosh. It is then converted to Microsoft Word for IBM. When this conversion takes place most of the formatting (indents, columns, pagination, indexing, etc.) is lost. So hours are spent correcting these formatting issues. Once the formatting is corrected in MS Word the file is converted to Adobe portable document file and HTML. Most often some formatting is lost in the conversion to HTML and the document must be manipulated again.

After all conversions are complete the files are loaded onto the web server and made available to all interested parties.