Book Shelf with books
Recycle your books by donating
 them to your community

If your bookshelves are full or a move is in your future, recycle your books and other related items by donating them to the Fulton County Public Library. Your donation is tax deductible.

What We Do With Your Books
The library staff considers donated books and materials for use in the collections of the Rochester, Fulton or Leiters Ford libraries using its Materials Selection Policy as a guide.   If the library cannot use your materials, the Friends of the Library may sell them at the Annual Round Barn Festival Book Sale.  Thanks to the generosity of people like you, the Friends of the Library raised over $8,000 for library programs last year.  In addition, donated books were put in the libraries or given to the hospital, jail, or sent to our troops overseas.

How to Donate Your Books
Usable books may be brought to the Rochester Library at 320 W. 7th Street, Monday thru Friday 10 am-4 pm.  Just put your books in boxes or bags, come into the front desk and tell a staff member and we will assist you with unloading and can give you a tax receipt if you want one.

What we CAN use:

J Books in usable condition
J Compact Disks/Cassettes
J Books on tape or CD
J Videotapes
J Specialty Magazines
J Bibles

What we CAN'T use:

L Anything with mold
L Books missing covers or pages or in grimy condition
L Boxes of magazines such as Reader's Digest or National Geographic
L Out of date textbooks, law, health, or medical books
L Encyclopedias or dictionaries that are beat up or musty

Monetary Donations are also accepted
Please send donations to:

Fulton County Public Library
Attn: Director
320 West 7th Street
Rochester, IN 46975

Thank you for your support of the Fulton County Public Library.





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