Strolling Visual Library & Arboretum

What is an Arboretum ?

An Arboretum is a place set aside for trees and plants to grow.

Our Arboretum has been designed to allow people to learn more about our great State as well.

Aerial view of Arboretum & Library

This photo was provided by Val Pemberton (FEDCO) & PsiENERGY. Thank You!!

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Our State motto is "The Crossroads of America". The purpose of this Park (Arboretum) is to honor our home state. It is hoped that all ages will find old memories or create new ones under the branches of the wonderful trees here. All the trees are indigenous to Indiana, and were donated by local people in honor or memory of loved ones. Each tree has a marker depicting its species and honoree.

In addition to the many "Hoosier" emblems in the Arboretum, there is a "Space Tree". It is so called because the seeds from which it was grown flew aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis on December 2 - 6, 1988 for Indiana's County 4-H Clubs. It flew 1.8 million miles!

State Emblems & Arboretum Points of Interest:

Arboretum Entance Sign Gazebo State Bird State Flag
State Flower State Motto State Poem State River
State Seal State Song State Stone State Tree