Audio/Visual Department


Tami Holloway, Dept. Head

Audio-Visual Services: Videocassettes, Music CDs, CD-ROMs, Books on Tape, and Books on CD.

Equipment for Loan: Slide Projector, Tape Players, Polaroid cameras and video projector.

The aim of this department is to provide a wide range of materials in many formats; from the popular to the educational.

 movies.gif (3759 bytes)  In Video & DVD, we purchase much of the popular theatrical releases, but also strive to provide much in the way of older B&W films, documentaries, children’s videos, foreign films, etc. We are not a video rental store and so try very hard not to duplicate their holdings, while allowing for overlap.

cdromic.gif (2841 bytes) In Music, we provide a wide range of opportunities for patrons to sample music they might not otherwise hear. We collect boxed sets when possible as their cost makes them prohibitive for many people.

cdromic.gif (2841 bytes)  In CD-ROM, we collect educational, reference, and entertainment titles, with a goal of balancing the needs of the public with cost factors.

casset.gif (1306 bytes) cdromic.gif (2841 bytes)  In Books on Tape & Books on CD we provide a collection similar to our book collection; with a wide range of topics and authors. As we discover popular areas, more will be added to those parts of the collection.

Suggestions are always welcome at the library’s email address:
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