Computer Services 

April Gross,
System Administrator

Computer Services is a two person department that was officially created at the Board of Trustees December 1998 meeting. The department had been unofficially in existence since 1995. This came to be with the departure of our Technical Services/System Administrator. That position was split in two with one becoming our full time Cataloging Department Head and the other becoming our full time System Administrator. In early 1998 we hired our first Computer Assistant.

Computer Services is responsible for maintaining, installing, creating, and  supporting our Automation System, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Web site/Internet presence, Public PC's, printers, etc. Also for obtaining any Grant monies that are available (this includes the USAC E-rate discounts). We also teach the public about PC's and how to use the programs we have installed.


Fulton County Public Library first automated in 1993. We chose Dynix, Inc. located in Provo, Utah. Since purchasing our system, Dynix was sold to Ameritech Phone Company and was  known as Ameritech Library Services (ALS). ALS in the last quarter of 1999 sold the company to two investment companies and the company name is now epixtech, inc. The company in 2003 obtained their old name Dynix. Then in 2005 Sirsi Corporation purchased Dynix and the company is presently known as SirsiDynix.

In June 2003 we upgraded our automation software and were able to offer our patrons the ability to search our catalog over the Internet.

On February 2, 2009 Fulton County Public Library went live on Evergreen Indiana.  FCPL signed on as a pilot library in 2008 for the new State Library Automation initiative.  Evergreen Indiana is a statewide consortium of libraries throughout Indiana that use the Evergreen Integrated Library System.  The Evergreen Indiana project, coordinated in part with Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library is being funded by the Indiana State Library through Library Services and Technology Act grants.    The services provided by the State Library include purchasing and maintaining the central servers, personnel costs in operating the system, training, software development, data conversion, and other related expenses.

Public Computers

As of December 2005 all three libraries have public computers with Microsoft Windows XP operating system. They also have the ability to accept flash (USB) drives. In January of 2006 we were able to upgrade Microsoft Office to the 2003 version. In March of 2006 we installed print and time management software on the Rochester public computers to help minimize printouts left at the printer and to better manage computer use.