Employment Requirements


Common Requirements for ALL Library Personnel


Certain characteristics are needed in all library positions,

unless otherwise specified in the individual job classification. 

These common characteristics are listed prior to the specific job descriptions.


Common Requirements of Library Personnel:

EDUCATION:  Minimum of a GED or high school diploma is required.

HEALTH:  Good health background, minor lifting, bending, stretching, & stamina.

DISPOSITION:  Must be self motivated, adaptable, eager & able to learn. Must be
able to represent the library in a positive manner. Enthusiasm/creativity;
pleasant, professional demeanor; ability to work with the public & co-workers.
SKILLS: Ability to work with computers, phone system, & common office machines;
ability to stay “on task”, self-motivated, communications skills all desired.

TRANSPORTATION:  Must have reliable transportation to and from work.

Common Responsibilities of Library Personnel:

Become familiar with the library and its materials.

Maintain open lines of communication with other departments & all personnel.

Keep supervisor informed of problems, suggestions, & needs in department.

Attend workshops, meetings, and other continuing education opportunities as
approved by the Director and/or Library Board.

Work to improve the services of the Library through thinking about and
communicating ideas/suggestions/improvements to supervisors.

Get along with patrons & co-workers.

All are expected to assist in occasional odd duties when the need arises, such
as shoveling sidewalks in winter, assisting at the circulation desk, shelving
books, reading shelves, restroom cleanup, etc.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or director.

Common Standards of Performance:

Maintain a positive mental attitude and display such toward public and staff.

Encourage, promote, and model teamwork behaviors.

Attend work regularly when scheduled, in a punctual manner.

Perform work with accuracy & efficiency of time & efforts.

Observe & follow Library Rules, Policies, and Procedures.

Complete the duties & responsibilities of the job.