Tech Class Documents

Note: These files are not necessarily self-explanatory, but are meant as supplementary material for people who have been to or taken one of our Tech Classes. Classes are twice a week on Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 11am at Rochester, the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at the Branches (12;30pm at Fulton, 5pm at Aubbee), or can be scheduled by calling 574-223-1014. Here are some of the classes we have available (click to jump to the documents): Basic Computer Use Basic Internet Use Microsoft Office Programs Web Services Library Resources Portable Devices Other Tech Classes   Basic Computer Use Computer Basics 101 Windows 8.1 Buying A Computer Cleaning Up and Managing Your Computer How To Fix A Slow Computer Burning CD’s, DVD’s, & Blu-Ray Discs   Basic Internet Use The Internet E-Mail Basics Do’s and Don’ts for Internet Use Online Safety and Security Internet – The Best of the Web Webcams Cloud Computing   Microsoft Office Programs Microsoft Office Word 2010 Microsoft Excel Basics Excel Formulas Excel sample spreadsheets PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint Presentations (PowerPoint file) Microsoft Publisher Composing and Printing Documents   Web Services Facebook How-To Facebook Tips & Tricks eBay/PayPal YouTube Video Sharing Blogging File Your Taxes for Free Online Employment and the Computer Library Resources List of Free Library Resources eBooks and AudioBooks 3m Cloud eBooks Zinio eMagazines Free Music at The Library AtoZ Databases Information Lookup Using Library Resources   Portable Devices All About Tablets (with shortlinks) Smart Phones Optimize Smart Phones & Tablets   Other Tech Classes Buying A New TV Writing A Resume Effectively Resume Sample