Friends of the Library

is a group of people who have joined together to form a Non-Profit support organization for the Fulton County Public Library.


  1. To improve the services & resources of the libraries;
  2. To promote citizen involvement in library activities;
  3. To support library programs & personnel;
  4. To act as an advisory group to the library administration.


  • funding for library programs
  • helpers for various Children’s & Adult programs
  • provision of refreshments for said programs
  • fundraising
  • bringing in authors
  • etc.

The aim of the Friends of the Library is to allow our libraries the opportunity to offer programs and services that could otherwise not be attempted.

Who can be a Friend?

Anyone with a desire to see the Fulton County Public Library thrive and grow; who has a willingness to be a part of that growth.

How does one join?

Attend a meeting or send in an application. To find out when the next meeting will be held, call the Rochester Library at 223-2713, or watch the Rochester Sentinel. Meetings are always posted in advance, and are always open to the public.


The annual cost for membership in the Friends is minimal. Currently dues are collected annually. Anyone who feels they cannot join due to financial restraints should let the President know. We do not want anyone to feel they cannot join due to finances. We gladly accept physical presence and help over money! Gifts and donations made to the Friends of the Library are deductible to the extent allowable by law to a 501 (c)(3) organization. Friends of the Library – Brochure & Annual Membership Application The brochure tells all about the Friends and what they do. You can follow the above link and print the page (print button at bottom of screen), fill out application and mail to address at bottom of page.  


Summer Reading Club – Each year the Friends group helps the Children’s Dept. with the Summer Reading Program through acting as volunteer helpers during activities; funding programs; and hiring authors to visit the libraries. Opportunities to work with children, books, crafts, games, etc. abound during this time.
Puppet Shows and Author visits – The Friends provide financial help, refreshments, and helpers.
Christmas Open House – In December, the Friends host an evening of fun where library patrons can come in to visit, hear a concert by local musicians, see a puppet show; let the children tell Santa their wishes, and have light refreshments. The Friends plan this event, and provide helpers, refreshments, Santa’s stipend, and entertainment.
Book Sale – Each year the Friends gather together discarded books & other items from the Library, add gift donations from the public, and hold a Book Sale, the profits of which go toward funding more programs for the library.
Better World Books – The Friends volunteer their time to gather and package books to be sold through the website Proceeds go to the FCPL, and unsold books go to worthy charities around the world.
Movie License – In order to play the quality movies we have for kids, adults, and families of all ages, we are required to have a license for public broadcating of these films. The Friends help pay for this license using their funds.
Teen Parties/Refreshments – Any time we have a party and food is involved, you can thank the Friends, who donate food, supplies, and any other needs for the parties we have.