Public Forum Policy

The Fulton County Public Library Board of Trustees will conduct its meetings in compliance with the state Open Door Law with Board meetings open for public observation and recording. While not required by law to allow the public to speak at meetings, the Board values the ideas and insights of constituents and will allow ten (10) minutes of each Board meeting for a public forum.

Persons will be allowed to speak only if they have completed the request form by submitting the online version of the form or by completing a paper copy of the form at the Rochester branch of the library at least five (5) days in advance of the convening of the meeting. The Library Director shall create a standard request form for the public to utilize which shall contain at least the person’s name, the date the form was completed, and the matter the person wishes to address to the Board. The request form will be available at the Rochester branch of the library and on the library’s website.

At the meeting, each person who has completed an appropriate form will be allowed a maximum of two (2) minutes to address the Board. The Board President will call on those persons one at a time to stand and address the Board for no more than the allocated time. Improper requests will not be permitted to be addressed to the Board. Improper requests include any matter which is confidential by state law, such as personnel issues, and matters that are not relevant to the Board. The Board may not respond at the meeting to questions, requests for information or requests for action. Appropriate response may be made at a later time after Board members have sufficient opportunity to consider and deliberate on the issue.

There may be times when the Board requests comments or feedback. Constituents will not be allowed to comment during other portions of the Board meeting unless comments are specifically requested by the Board. Board members are always willing to hear from constituents outside the meeting, but meeting agendas are usually full and do not allow time for a continuous open forum.

The agenda will be published seven (7) days in advance of each meeting to give the public an opportunity to submit relevant comments.



Request to speak at a Board Meeting

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