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March 8th, 2021 5:00PM Eastern Join Zoom Meeting:

We now have a FREE video streaming service to watch some interesting and original movies, TV shows, and other content, any time, using just your Library Card! Children’s shows are also available, too! Check it out today at the link below:

This week Dewey Hop is looking at how to tell the difference between something that should be kept or something that is cluttering (aka junking up) your space. Hoarders beware! Hop on over to the Dewey Hop blog and learn some practical tips for dealing with clutter.

Library Art Exhibits in the Grand Hallway are back! Bill Shewman studied Fine Art at Indiana University in the 1960’s and has been a working artist in Fort Wayne, Indiana for over thirty years. His body of work includes murals, illustrations, paintings, and relief prints. Each of these pursuits is a unique discipline… Check his […]

Come try ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes at the Library! Brittany is here to help you ease into learning English. Check out our ESL page for more info:

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2021! Kits available NOW at the Rochester Branch Library Guides on Facebook & Instagram Curbside Available 574-223-2713

Dewey Hop is exploring sewing and sewing history this week. Have you ever stopped to consider how the existence of sewing machines have impacted the world? Regardless your level of sewing expertise, you won’t want to miss this informative blog post! Hop on over to check it out!